The UK's First Alkaline Ionised Water

Following extensive worldwide research, Jamie discovered that the Japanese have a water that is ionised, supercharging it to create high pH alkaline water. They call this ‘waterfall water’ because of the change of electrical charge created by rushing water in a waterfall. This discovery sparked a desire for Jamie to bring ionised, alkaline water to Europe and so the Actiph Journey began.

our process of ionisation

HOW actiph Water is MADE

Spring Water - Actiph Water

We begin with only the purest natural spring water from a single source – Wenlock Spring in Shropshire.

Electrolytes - Actiph Water

We then add our own unique formula of electrolytes and minerals to provide a smooth taste

Ionisation - Actiph Water

By electrically charging the water using platinum and titanium plates, we can strip out the sour tasting acidic ions.


actiph wear